Restoration Services

Any event that causes damage to your home or business can be seen as catastrophic to your eyes: that’s why for any of your needs RCI Coatings offers restoration services. With restoration services by RCI Coatings, you know you’ll be getting the very best in professional restoration for whatever damage your structure has suffered. Having your home or office damaged by fire, water, mold, smoke, etc. can be a nightmare. With our restoration services, we’ll get you back in your home or business, and give you the piece of mind knowing your structure is secure and safe for your family, or employees.

Don’t let an event such as flood, or fire ruin your home or business. With RCI’s restoration services, your structure can be restored to it’s former self; good as new or better.

What Our Restoration Services Can Help Repair

Our specialty in restoration services lies in flood, and fire damage, historical restoration, and concrete restoration. With RCI’s professional staff, we can guarantee the removal of any harmful remnants of disaster, or time, and insure that your home or office is safe for living and working. Using our blasting technologies, and techniques during our restoration services process; our experienced staff will be able to repair your surfaces such as brick, wood, steel and masonry.

Often time’s flood, or fire can leave behind harmful elements such as mold and smoke damage. Our experienced team is able to utilize our extensive array of techniques and technologies specifically designed to tackle those hard to remove elements left behind because of flood, fire, or time.

You Can Count on RCI’s Restoration Services

Here at RCI Coatings, we make it our motto to always insure that our clients feel safe, and satisfied with our restoration services. Whether we’ll tackling the restoration of an historical monument, or art piece, or just ensuring that a families home is safe from lead; we can guarantee that any job we do will leave you feeling safe and secure in your home or business. With RCI’s restoration services, you’ll be restoring not only your home, or business, but your piece of mind as well.

We’re committed to offering the very best restoration services to our client’s; and with the combination of our different services, we are able to provide the best. Our team is experienced at providing exceptional restoration services, with a gentle touch that will leave your structure better than new. If you’d like to learn more about RCI Coating’s restoration services, give us a call and ask about how we can help your home, or business get back into tip top shape.