Mold Remediation

The presence of mold in the home is a serious issue and a large concern for you as a homeowner. Mold has toxic effects on the environment it grows in, including making the air unsafe to breathe. The source of poor air quality and the cause of many allergies and other health problems have been found to be due to mold. If not dealt with, mold can grow deep into a structure and the result is damaging, eventually leading to necessary abolishment of the structure. RCI Coatings is here to make sure it does not go that far. If mold is the problem, mold remediation is the solution. At RCI Coatings we offer mold remediation and removal services. Dry ice blasting is a surface preparation method used to prep surface for painting and coating, however, it can also be used in mold removal. Specializing in dry blasting technologies, RCI Coatings is able to blast down the mold affected areas that are difficult to reach. Our goal is to identify the mold and determine the process needed to remove it fully. If you are aware of mold in your home, it is our suggestion that you deal with this issue as soon as possible. As a customer focused company, we want to see any building contaminated with mold restored to its original state.