Exterior painting

The exterior of your home is more than just a covering to shelter you from wind and weather. Your home is the place you spend your down time, relax, and entertain guests. The exterior of your home should reflect your personality, telling guests and passers-by a story about who lives just inside those doors. This is where RCI Coatings steps in. With a team of expert painters, we are ready to help you customize your home. Working around your schedule is one of our top priorities. Our team is committed to being flexible and friendly, while still completing the project quickly. RCI Coatings understands the cost and effort that goes into exterior painting. That is why our team prepares every surface before painting, to optimize the longevity of the paint. This paint is not only a decorative feature, but is also an important addition for the protection of your home. It has the ability to seal and shield against the weather—sun, wind, rain or snow. If you are ready to update and personalize your home, while increasing its value, our exterior painting service is exactly what you are searching for.