Exposed Aggregate

RCI Coatings Exposed Aggregate Concrete Finish

If you have a home or business with concrete driveways, flooring, stair or other areas, you’ll know that average wear and tear can leave those surfaces exposed, and prone to erosion. That’s why RCI offers the option of treating your concrete surfaces with exposed aggregate; a finish that will leave your concrete protected, and looking revitalized. With exposed aggregate you can ensure that your concrete surfaces look amazing, while providing you with durability that will give you use for years to come.

Benefits of Exposed Aggregate

When RCI Coatings treats your concrete surfaces with exposed aggregate, we are looking to provide you with an aesthetically pleasing, and functional surface. By treating your concrete with exposed aggregate, you are not only ensuring the life of your concrete surface, but also the investment you placed in such a material. Exposed aggregate can help:

  • Improve the surface by providing a nonskid weather resistant finish that will help people, cars, and machinery maintain good grounding. The weather resistant aspect of exposed aggregate will also help maintain the integrity of the surface much longer than other surfaces. 
  • Provide you with an aesthetic variant that will appeal to your family, or business furthering design aspects to suit your needs, and likes. By coming in a variety of colors, and textures you can be certain that your tastes, and functionality suit your needs the best. 
  • Ensure the life of your surfaces by saving you time and money on maintenance. Treating your concrete surfaces with exposed aggregate will not only ensure the safety, and functionality of that surface, but will require little to no maintenance once completed because of it’s versatility, and durability. 

Giving yourself the surface you need, and deserve is quick and easy thanks to RCI Coatings. We will give you all the benefits of exposed aggregate, as quickly and efficiently as a leading coating company can provide. We offer a wide variety of decorative finishes such as chip coating, river rock, and metallic finishing, as well as the application of waterproof membranes like epoxy, poly-aspartics, and elastomerics.

RCI Coatings is experienced with Exposed Aggregate

The team at RCI Coatings is one of the leading professionals providing people with exposed aggregate and other coating and restoration needs. With our experience in a variety of finishes to suit just about anyone’s aesthetic, and functionality needs, we can provide you with a service that will satisfy any diversified palate. Drive-ways, patios, sidewalks, you name it and RCI Coatings can help you coat it to give your concrete a great look and long lasting finish. Professional, focused and driven, our team will ensure that the finished product you receive on your exposed aggregate or other finishes, is the best job that you’ve ever seen.