RCI Coatings has your sandblasting needs covered

With normal wear and tear, some materials can loose their luster, and eventually deteriorate so much that they can no longer be of use. There is a solution for such equipment made out of such materials as metal, concrete, brick, stone, and wood that will help prepare them for restoration: that process is sandblasting. Sandblasting by RCI will effectively rid the surface of any contaminates from everyday dirt and grim to tougher things like rust and water deposits; all while effectively preparing the surface for further treatment to leave an overall aesthetically pleasing piece of machinery. RCI Coatings can offer you a way to not only improve the surface of any materials, equipment in your possession, but can also help ensure that the restoration of those surfaces is done right.

How sandblasting helps

When trying to restore an older piece of equipment, whether it involves painting, cleaning, or resurfacing, sandblasting is a much-needed step in order to preserve the investment of the time and money used during the project. Essentially what sandblasting does for any structure is remove any harmful contaminates, i.e. rust, soot, scale, grease, and water deposits, and leaves the surface clean and able to accept paint or any other coating easily. Removing the muck from equipment can also help improve the functionality, and life-span of the equipment; making sure your materials give you the most for the time and money you spend.

On the aesthetic side of things, sandblasting can remove any unsightly hindrances such as chipped paint, castings materials, and any other coatings that may be displeasing to the eye; after sandblasting, surfaces appear revitalized, giving them a second life. Finishing a surface by sandblasting also ensures that upon application of the desired medium, paint or other coating, the surface will take it much better and increase the effectiveness of the process. By sandblasting the surface of your equipment, you’re giving your investment the advantage by restoring already functional materials, making them look, and work better than before restoration.

Experienced sandblasting with RCI Coatings

Understanding the benefits of sandblasting is only half the battle: getting it done is another matter. RCI Coatings has an experienced, and trained team that can tackle any of your sandblasting needs. Our reliable staff will improve the look and feel of any structure or piece of equipment that needs the attention of restoration experts. The experience we have comes from being one of the leading industrial sandblasting and coating companies; a commitment to doing the best job, using the best processes on the market make that possible. If you are need of sandblasting services, look no further than the qualified experts at RCI Coatings to handle the job.