Corrosion Control

Corrosion Control at RCI Coatings

Any business, or industry that works with metals knows the harmful effects that corrosion can have on equipment vital to the success of the company. That’s why corrosion control is implemented: to stop the effects of corrosion, and reduce the chances of further degradation of the surface and structure. RCI Coatings has a firm grasp on the processes involved in corrosion control, and can ensure that every industry standard is implemented in the removal and restoration of any structure or surface under our care. The process can help solve the problem of corrosion in your business, and ensure the continuing effectiveness of any structure, or surface.

What is Corrosion Control?

In order to understand the basics of corrosion control, one must first know what the cause of corrosion is. Corrosion is also referred to as degradation, and can offer a hint as to the chemical processes that involve the metals that are affected. Essentially, metals corrode because we use them in environments where they are chemically unstable: leading them to react with the environment and degrade over time. A common form of degradation that many are familiar with is a process called oxidation, when metals react with the oxygen around them, which results in rust.

Corrosion control is a mechanism for ceasing, or slowing down said degradation, leaving any surface treated clean, and coated to protect from further damage in the future. The process begins with a thorough removal of any degraded particles on the surface, such as rust and other corroded materials; this is accomplished by sandblasting the surface, which effectively removes, and prepares the surface for the second stage of the process. Corrosion control continues with coating, once all unwanted contaminates are removed, the coating, which is comprised of materials that protect the structure from the harmful effects of the environment, will be applied to the surfaces that are affected. We further ensure the effectiveness of our work by having our NACE certified coatings inspector on our team, making sure the job is done correctly, and to the highest quality possible.

Corrosion Control Done Right

RCI Coatings provides corrosion control for structures such as pipe linings, structural steel, tank linings, and other heavy equipment. Our dedicated team of experts is at your service for any of your corrosion control needs. Protecting your surfaces with corrosion control will not only ensure the efficiency of structures, and machinery, but will save you money in the long run by revitalizing equipment already in use. Corrosion control is an effective way to help you business, and RCI Coatings has the experienced team you need to get your businesses much need machinery and structures, back into shape. Revitalizing, and protecting is what we do best.