Leading the industry in industrial coating services, RCI Coatings brings experience and expertise to the field of protective coatings. Our mastery of this service has allowed us to branch into other relevant services to go along with your painting needs. This is one of the primary things that set RCI Coatings apart from other industrial coating companies—we are here to meet as many of your needs as we can with our multi-faceted service offering. With many of our employees holding over twenty years of experience in painting various types of industrial surfaces, inside and out, RCI Coatings is skilled in the application of all your protective coating needs.

Having experience with everything from tank linings, storage containers, to structural steel and heavy equipment, RCI Coatings is experienced and on the forefront of industry knowledge. Heavy equipment painting demands an understanding of the equipment so as not to cause damage to fragile parts of the machines, and these machines must also be prepared for painting with precision. RCI Coatings has years of experience working on heavy equipment with no incidents to report—our record is flawless, a reputation we have worked hard for to ensure peace of mind for our clients. We have a NACE certified coatings inspector to ensure that the quality of our work is up to standard and certifiable.

The services that we provide as an industrial coatings company go far beyond just painting and coatings. One of our main services is the preparation of surfaces for painting through the use of sand blasting technology. This process ensures the lasting quality of the overall job. In situations where sand blasting is unsuitable, RCI Coatings also offers wet abrasive blasting, otherwise known as dustless blasting, for a cleaner finish. Both of these technologies prepare the surface to be painted or covered with protective coatings, and can also prepare other surfaces for coating to avoid the accumulation of rust or corrosion, especially in steel structures. We refer to this process as corrosion control and it is one of the many services that RCI Coatings offers to our industrial clients.

As a company, RCI Coatings Ltd. is committed to having your needs met first. With our steadfast and respectable team, you can expect a high quality and professional job, as well as a customer service experience not to be rivaled. Please contact us for further information on how our industrial coating services can benefit you.