Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal by RCI Coatings

When you ventured out and began your business, or purchased your home, you did so with the belief that your property would be an extension of yourself; to be respected. Unfortunately, vandals are prevalent, and the marking of their acts are left on the surface of businesses, and homes in any setting; urban or suburban. That’s why RCI Coatings offers graffiti removal, to gain back your image, and erase the marking of vagrants. Our graffiti removal service will restore the surface of the vandalized property, and restore it to its natural visage. You don’t have to let the vandals win, graffiti removal is easy, effective, and will leave your surface as good as new.

How We Safely Remove Graffiti

We offer an abundance of services to get your surfaces looking shiny and new in no time, but for those whose properties have been vandalized, our graffiti removal option is best for you. Since we specialize in the restoration and finishes of surfaces, material, and equipment, you can be assured that any surface we treat for graffiti removal will be treated as delicately as possible to ensure the area is left as it was before being marked.

The processes we use in graffiti removal are our wet abrasive blasting, or dustless blasting, and pressure washing techniques. Dustless blasting uses water as a lubricant between the surface being treated and the abrasive material that removes the unwanted contaminates. This ensure that graffiti removal is safe to the surface being treated, and will not leave any residue, or damage.

Experienced Graffiti Removal Team

Vandalism is certainly something to take seriously, especially if it has defaced your home or business. That’s why RCI Coatings likes to make it easier for you by offering our safe, and effective services for graffiti removal. Our team is experienced in services that remove unwanted marking, materials, and contaminates; so graffiti removal comes naturally. Becoming graffiti free is simple; RCI Coatings offers you our experience and dedication to getting the job done, whether it be graffiti removal or our other services, you can be sure that it will be the best job out there.