Dustless Blasting

The Dustless Blasting option at RCI Coatings

While some blasting surfaces leave a dusty, filmy finish over the area being treated, wet-abrasive blasting, otherwise known as dustless blasting can leave the surface with little to no unwanted residue. As opposed to other treatments such as sandblasting, dustless blasting uses a separate component of water; as opposed to just a solid, and air under pressure. The finishing element of the dustless blasting process can leave the surface being treated much smoother and with a more consistent finish than its counterparts. RCI Coatings offers its customers the option of dustless blasting to treat, resurface, or prepare for coating or painting needs.

How Dustless Blasting can Work for You

Dustless blasting works by mixing water with an abrasive material such as crushed glass, garnet, or glass bead that will help remove any harmful contaminates, or coatings like rust, mil-scale, and old or chipped paint: preparing the surface for a second treatment of paint, or other coating has never been easier thanks to dustless blasting. With the added lubricant of water, the finished surface after dustless blasting is left undamaged, and cleaner than before the process; this feature allows for the treatment of delicate renovation projects, as well as the more aggressive industrial ones.

Some of the added benefits of dustless blasting include a shorter clean-up time after the project, and the overall improved finish of the surface being treated. A better finish will allow for a second finish, such as paint or other coating to more effectively cover the surface and provide a longer lasting result. Another use for dustless blasting is its ability to remove contaminates such as dust, rust, grease, and oil with no damage to the surface of the equipment, or materials being cleaned. It’s a safe and effective way to remove unwanted build-up, so that your surfaces can be restored and fully operational once more.

Dedicated to the best Dustless Blasting results

Here at RCI Coatings, we are committed to providing our customers with the best dustless blasting service on the market; that is why our team is experienced and dedicated in that art of coating and restoration services. Dustless blasting can give your surfaces a new life, and thanks to RCI Coatings, we can make that happen easily, and effectively. No matter the surface, whether it be in the residential, commercial, or industrial sector, we can ensure that every job we do with dustless blasting will be the best job possible. Surfaces, and equipment can be given a new life and look depending on your needs, and wants. We know the materials; we know the process; all you need is to give RCI Coatings a call and we’ll handle your dustless blasting, other restoration, or coating needs.