Dry Ice Blasting

An Alternative solution is Dry Ice Blasting by RCI Coatings

Another option for removing unwanted contaminants from the surface of your equipment or other materials that is offered by RCI Coatings is dry ice blasting. There are some similarities between dry ice blasting and other blasting services we offer; they use pressurized air, and some abrasive material that is made to impact the surface and removed the desired contaminates. But the similarities end there. Dry ice blasting, is also referred to as environmentally sustainable cleaning; this is because it uses the solid form of carbon dioxide as an abrasive, minimizing not only the impact on the environment, but the residual debris as well.

Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

Along with the benefits of other blasting service we offer, dry ice blasting has added bonuses that will not only help the overall result of the product, but also leaves minimal impact on the surrounding surfaces and environment. Some of the added benefits of dry ice blasting include:

  • Able to be used in many general cleaning applications in many industries including electrical, commercial, industrial, food, and others. This is because the materials used are minimal and have little environmental impact.
  • Allowing for surfaces, and materials to be cleaned in a timely manner. This is because disassembly is not needed in most cases as the abrasive material in dry ice blasting is more easily able to reach the desired contaminate.
  • Having the features of being non-conductive, and non-flammable allowing for the cleaning of delicate materials and surfaces. This gives dry ice blasting the ability to clean active electrical, or mechanical parts and does not cause any fire hazards.
  • Is environmentally conscious by not containing and secondary contaminants, such as solvents or residual solid abrasive material. Dry ice blasting leaves little residue, resulting in little to no clean-up time, and no environmental impact.

RCI Coatings is experienced in Dry Ice Blasting

Our team here at RCI Coatings is completely experienced and effective at providing our clients with the best dry ice blasting service on the market. We’ve got our technique down to a science, and any restoration or finishing work is done with the dedication we are renowned for. Along with our ability to give your best service possible, our dry ice blasting service, along with our other services, is environmentally conscious by using only the materials needed to get the job done. Your equipment will look great, and last much longer by using the dry ice blasting service we offer here at RCI Coatings.