Our Company

Through industry training, professional memberships and many years of experience, RCI strives to stay on top of innovations in the Surface Preparation and Coatings industry. From concrete restoration to exterior painting and protective coatings, this ensures our customers are receiving the best products and services possible.

We have been in business since 2006 and have applied millions of square feet of paint/coatings every year, making us an established leader in the industry. Our goal is to provide the best value painting services to cost-conscious building and facility owners and managers. We are continually developing new process and testing new products to serve you better and more efficiently.

RCI Coatings Ltd proudly services clients:

  • Property Management Companies (Brookfield, Oxford, Gateway)
  • Concrete Suppliers (Rolling Mix, Breckenridge, Scorpio, CF Construction)
  • Construction Management Companies (Cana, Ellis Don, Graham, Ledcore, PCL, Construction, Unity Builders Group, Kanas Construction)
  • Private Home & Small Business Owners
  • Public & Private Schools (Roman Catholic School Board)

The staff and experience behind RCI Coatings Ltd have been working in the Surface Preparation and Painting business for more than 20 years and have worked on small to large scale projects by either working directly with the owners or as a subcontracting painting company.


The RCI team strives for 100% Customer Satisfaction for all of our projects in a friendly and service orientated approach. Combined with our commitment to quality workmanship, we’ve gained a solid reputation as an industry leader from Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors.